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Take Advantage of Specials and Coupons for Your Next Service in Bridgeport, WV

Vehicle maintenance can sometimes seem a bit overwhelming when you've got a busy schedule. It might seem like you've just had your oil changed or seasonal tires placed on your Subaru when it's time to do it again. Let Jenkins Subaru near Elkins take the worry and tedium out of car and Subaru SUV maintenance with our series of specials on the basic maintenance you need right now.

Preventive Maintenance

The best auto service is preventive, catching little issues early so they don't morph into large, expensive problems that take you by surprise later. A knowledgeable mechanic performing a multi-point inspection can catch a host of other small issues an Outback owner may overlook, such as:

  • Frayed Belts
  • Splitting Hoses
  • Uneven Tire Wear
  • Low Tread
  • Burnt Bulbs
  • Dirty Oil
  • Low Fluids
  • Broken Wipers
  • And More!

Any one of these can be a factor in your vehicle eventually breaking down or by causing a safety issue.

Oil Changes

Stay current with your oil change schedule to ensure a long lifespan for your engine in the Buckhannon area. Determined by the same engineers who designed your engine, Subaru's suggested oil change intervals keep vital parts clean and lubricated, providing ideal conditions that allow you to get the most from your engine performance.

Your engine houses plenty of quickly moving parts that continually shed microscopic metal dust. This dust can act like an abrasive and wear down engine parts over time, which is why it's so important to keep your oil fresh. You can have engine filters checked also, replacing those that filter fuel, air, or oil at the same time you have your oil changed.

Seasonal Tire Rotation

Tire rotation is an often under-appreciated service that really does extend the lifespan of your tires. Rather than having one tire that wears quickly and needs replacing before all of the others, you'll have a balanced pattern of wear on all tires, allowing you to get the most out of your investment. A new set of tires is also the ideal time to have an alignment performed, which will aid in providing a smooth ride around Grafton and even wear on your tires.

Seasonal tires give you confidence while driving by providing the correct level of grip for the temperature and climate conditions you currently face. Not only is the tread pattern important for summer versus winter driving, the chemical composition of your tires will also influence how they react to the temperature. In summer, you need a sturdier rubber mixture for driving on hot pavement while maintaining safe grip. In the winter, it's more important to have a supple blend that stays flexible in freezing temperatures. Stay secure on the Fairmont roads throughout the year by having the proper tire for the season.

Battery Service

Car batteries can go years providing impeccable service before they suddenly refuse to spark your engine one cold morning, reminding us how vital they are. A good time to check your battery's ability to hold a charge if it's aging is in the spring and fall, so you can go into the summer and winter months with confidence. Both seasons take a toll on your battery in different ways, so knowing it's up to the demands of the season will give you added peace of mind.

Make Your Appointment at Jenkins Subaru in Bridgeport, WV

Your Subaru vehicle offers you superior traction thanks to its all-wheel drive transmission, but that does come with required oil changes to its differential system. At Jenkins Subaru near Clarksburg, our highly trained technicians have the expertise to care for every facet of your vehicle, from its AWD to oil changes and tire rotations. Check with us often to see our current specials so you can also save money on these vital vehicle services.