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Jenkins Subaru Awards & Reviews

If you have been researching the best brands to buy and are looking for versatility, the Subaru model lineup offers plenty of options for the average driver to enjoy. We know that you have been reading up on the features offered in the latest models, but it's important for our Clarksburg, Elkins, Bridgeport, and Fairmont customers to know where the Subaru brand stands against other models in its class as far as safety and overall cost to own. These and more makes a difference in the long run, which proves that Subaru is looking at the big picture rather than providing the world with a quick fix for the transportation quandaries you have today.

On this page you can see the many ways in which the Subaru brand has come out ahead against the closest competitors and you will be able to search model by model to see what each has to offer you. Reputation isn't just about hearsay, especially where these vehicles are concerned, because we have the proof of their ability to go the distance for you. Receiving many accolades from Kelley Blue Book, ALG, Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, IIHS, and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, NHTSA, is no small feat, yet Subaru has continued to do so year after year.

Awards like Best Car Value, Lowest Cost to Own, Best Resale Value, and much more are given to Subaru models each year because the brand cares about the safety of their drivers and it shows. If you are in search of a car or SUV that offers you more than a short-term fix for your transportation needs, contact our staff here at Jenkins Subaru to see if these models live up to your high standards. We know that awards and accolades are great, but they don't replace the customer satisfaction that you will find when browsing our inventory. Contact us today with questions and enjoy the process of researching the model that you feel is your best match.