Prepare Your All-Wheel Drive Subaru For the Winter in Elkins and Bridgeport

Prepare Your All-Wheel Drive Subaru For the Winter in Elkins and Bridgeport

The winters in West Virginia can be particularly brutal at times. That is why you need an AWD Subaru SUV to direct you through the Cold days and snowy nights. But all-wheel drive isn't enough to get you through the winter. You need to visit Jenkins Subaru and let our team prepare your Subaru for the winter driving conditions.

All Subaru SUV is equipped with Symmetrical All-wheel drive, from the Subaru Crosstrek to the Subaru Outback. That may mean you are ready for the snow and ice you may come across on your drive through Grafton or Fairmont, but not every situation can be salvaged with better traction. Sometimes your Subaru needs the attention of the Subaru Service team at Jenkins Subaru.

How to Prepare Your Subaru for Winter

There are several elements you need to make sure work their best when the weather changes in Buckhannon. From your windshield to your tires, the service team at Jenkins Subaru know what it takes to prepare you for your winter commute.

  • Check your tires: Despite your Subaru Forester's ability to tackle all types of conditions and environments, your tires won't do you any good if your tread is worn down. The trek through Elkins won't be too much fun when you are sliding down the road. The Subaru repair team at Jenkins will replace your tires and give you the confidence to traverse the treacherous roads.
  • Change Your Oil: When the temperature drops, your oil works harder to keep your engine fine-tuned. A different viscosity oil will keep your engine running smoothly. Our team understands what your engine needs to operate its best this winter.
  • Check Your Antifreeze: The right level of antifreeze goes a long way to keeping your engine at the right temperature to keep its components from freezing during the winter months. That could leave you stranded on the side of a Clarksburg highway.

You will also want to make sure the windshield wipers on your Subaru Impreza are in great condition to give you superior visibility. For every little thing to be aware of, trust the team at Jenkins Subaru to get your vehicle ready for winter. Come see us today!

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